Relicon was founded in 1998 by Antti-Pekka Meronen, after his previous band fell apart because all members went their separate ways looking for jobs or to study. At this point Relicon was his solo project and he wrote all the music and played all the instruments by himself.

In 2002, after four years of intense practice and devotion in songwriting, it was time to release Relicon's first proper demo "The Darkness Project". All instruments and vocals were performed by the man himself except that the drums were tracked using a computer.

This was followed by second demo, "Inanimate" that was released december 2003. This time Antti-Pekka's sister, Pauliina Meronen sung the title song and she also sung backing vocals to "Farewell". Mikko Ala-Kauttu played the bass tracks.

At this point Relicon expanded into a 5-piece band consisting of Timo Lahtinen (drums), Tuukka Mauranen (bass), Antti-Pekka Meronen (vocals), Mikko Meronen (guitars) and Juha Nevala (guitars). Relicon started to rehearse older material as well as new material and in november 2005 Relicon recorded and released "Hope Today/Wish Upon A Star" demo.

Somewhere along the line Sanna Urtti joined the band as a keyboardist and Relicon actually performed live a couple of times. Armed with the new keyboardist, they released yet another demo, "Measurements Of Mentality" in 2008 and shortly after this the band fell apart due to internal disagreements between the band members about who should be the vocalist in the band.

After all this, Antti-Pekka started to release songs solely for the internet. As of writing this, "Release" and "Session 2" have been released this way.