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Hope Today

Hope Today/Wish Upon A Star (Demo)


All lyrics and music written by Antti-Pekka Meronen. All arrangements by Relicon. Solo in "Hope Today" composed by Juha Nevala & Mikko Meronen. Cover art by Tommi Vartiamäki. Promotion photos taken by Markku Kaakkolammi. Mixing & mastering by Juuso Vuorinen. Special thanks goes to Artturi "ArTtu" Laine for helping with the lyrics.

A reminder, for me
Be honest, you'll see

Open-minded and anxious
Even though I am idle
Every step on the way
Just makes me feel like I'm losing

Head up and hope today
Subdue beliefs
Renew this cycle
Inside my head

You think you know me by instinct
Indicate my corruption
Like my only impression
Was for your entertainment

Leave me aside
And turn another tide
You see what I feel
At least it's something real