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The End Of The Day

Inanimate (Demo)


All music and lyrics by Antti-Pekka Meronen. All vocals sung by Antti-Pekka Meronen except vocals on "Inanimate" sung by Pauliina Meronen. Backing vocals on "Farewell" sung by Pauliina Meronen. All bass tracks played by Mikko Ala-Kauttu. Cover art design by Tommi Vartiamäki and Sampo Ketonen. Charcoal art by Tommi Vartiamäki. Graphics layout by Sampo Ketonen. Thanks to Artturi "ArTtu" Laine for helping with the lyrics.

Welcome to my suicide
Here I stand with pride
I've lost control of my life
I will loose my grip tonight
How insane I have to be,
to realise I am indeed?
Tear down the things I create
I know me, I can't, I break

I know, you'll never do the same


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